January 20, 2011

Death of Captain Smith

     I finally found a pocket of time that I used to finish up this image of the death of captain Smith. This is a scene from the book, "The Lighthouse of Alexandria" that I did the cover for. This has been a challenging piece for sure! But, I'm happy with how it's turned out. I'm still going to work on it a little so if anyone has any thoughts on how I could improve the image, feel free to comment.

January 3, 2011

Kaylee as Jasmine

     My wife's family has a christmas tradition of drawing names to see who buys presents for whom and this year I drew my sister-in-law Kaylee's name. She's always said that she wanted me to paint her a picture of a Disney Princess so I decided to paint her as a Disney Princess. I haven't posted it until now because I haven't been able to give it to her until today. Comments Welcome!