October 20, 2011

Hobbes and Calvin (round 2)

     So, based off of a very beneficial class critique, I decided to abandon the circus approach to my Hobbes and Calvin illustration. I was really in love with the idea of painting a circus scene, but in reality it didn't communicate the idea of Calvin and Hobbes very well. So, I started over...

     I went through a lot of ideas in my head and on paper about how I wanted to communicate the idea best. I thought Calvin's red wagon was a very iconic element of his character. And I know that Calvin is always pretending to be in different situations. What I am attempting to do is to show that Hobbes is pretending to be an astronaut, but also show the relationship between him and his stuffed Calvin. It's still very much a work in progress. But, I'm liking this direction a lot more than the circus one.

I've also included two color comps that I am trying to decide between. What do you guys think? I'm open for any ideas you may have.. Enjoy!

October 18, 2011

Glow Bug Cover

     Here's the finished cover. It's pretty similar to the sketch, just more refined. Enjoy!

October 16, 2011

Circus Tiger Sketch

     Here's a sketch for a new painting i'm going to start. This was kinda rushed so i'm hoping to get some good feedback from my fellow classmates tomorrow. There are a few things i'm still trying to figure out, but for the most part I think it's going to be a fun piece. I was trying to take a spin off of Calvin and Hobbes in reversed roles. I know that it's a little bit of a stretch but I still think it will make a fun illustration. I was trying to think of where a baby tiger could exist and have a stuffed toy to play with. The first thought that came was the zoo but, i've already done a series of zoo illustrations. So, I thought the circus would be fun. Anyway, we'll see how this turns out!

October 15, 2011

Glow Bug Cover Sketch

     Here's the sketch/rough color for the cover of my Glowbug book. I'm really excited to paint this one :) It should be done in the next few days so stay tuned!

October 14, 2011

Stilt Clown

     Our second exercise in my Color and Design class was to do an analogous color schemed illustration. This was one of my sketches that I really liked the composition of. I still have a few days to sit on it and see if there are any changes I want to make. Enjoy!

October 6, 2011

Steampunk Wizard

     I'm doing another independent study of 3D. I feel like this time around is incredibly less frustrating than before. There's obviously loads that I still don't know but i'm pretty happy with the progress i've made so far. Here is a character that I am working on. He's no where near finished but I thought i'd post a work in progress. Eventually i'm going to try to make his beard/eyebrows/hair out of real hair instead of just a shape. I'm also going to give him a few props and a cool environment. Enjoy!

October 4, 2011

Stilt Clown Sketch

For my Color and Design class we are moving onto analogous color schemes. This is the sketch that i'm going to paint analogously :)

Glowbug Tongue Spread

     This is the flushed out version of the sketch I did for the spread of my Glowbug book. I'd still like to tighten it up some but it's mostly there. Enjoy!

October 1, 2011

Jane of the Apes (Finished)

     Here's the finished version of my take on Jane and Tarzan. I still have a few days to let it sit and see if there are any changes that I want to make. I was going to wait until Monday to post this but I figured there was no point in waiting. I might make a few changes, but it's mostly done. Enjoy!

EDIT: I've revised this based on some feedback. Thanks for all the help to those of you that gave me feedback in class :)