July 20, 2010

"Monkey Love" (finished)

     Similarly to the previous post, this illustration is pretty much done. I'll post it on here early to see if anyone has any last minute critiques. Chances are this is how it will look when I turn it in unless I see something that needs fixing.

(Alas, I was going to do a third illustration for my final but I have run out of time. It is almost 6 a.m. and I have worked through the night and I know for a fact that I can't pull out a 3rd illustration in less than 10 hours time. Do not mourn, however, for I will complete the third illustration during the break.)

July 18, 2010

"This is Bull" Finished

     I might change things over the next few days before it's due. But, this is pretty much how it will look when I turn it in. I took the windmill out because it just wasn't working for me. Comments Welcome!

July 10, 2010

"This is Bull!" (Work in Progress)

   This is another sketch for an illustration i'm working on right now. It's still really rough at this point. What i'm trying to decide is if I want to crop in or not. I feel like when I don't crop it's not as interesting. But, I'm afraid that it's kinda awkward cropping a cow right down the middle. What do you think? Crop? Don't crop? In the cropped version I thought maybe a curved fence in the front would help balance the image out. I forgot to add cowbells. But they are going to be in there. (Any cow/bull experts out there please critique the cow anatomy) I need feedback!

July 9, 2010

Monkey Love (Work in Progress) **Updated**

     This is a sketch for an illustration I'm working on. I happen to know that foliage, branches, leaves, etc. are not my strong suite so, I am purposefully doing an illustration full of all of the above to push myself. I think i'm going to put more leaves and stuff in the background. But this gives a general idea of what i'm working on. I would love any input I can get.

** I've updated it a bit since the first 3 comments**

July 7, 2010


For any of you who are interested I have a site available where you can purchase prints of some of my work. The website regulates how much I can charge so they are very cheap! It's a website called DeviantArt. I'm using it until I find the time to get together an actual website with an online store.

Check it out:


July 6, 2010


     This weekend my wife and I went to her parents house and I forgot to bring the charger for my laptop and so I couldn't do any of my homework that I was working on digitally. So, to keep myself occupied, I decided to do a few caricature type drawings of some of my in-laws and my wife and I. These were done on canson paper with Cole-erase pencils.