November 28, 2011

Palettes Assignment

     Here are the finished versions of the palette's assignment. I didn't get a ton of work done this thanksgiving break so these were kinda rushed. But, I'm happy with how they turned out for the most part. Enjoy

November 19, 2011

Palettes Assignment (roughs)

     For my Color and Design II class we have an assignment to do an illustration three different ways based off of another artist's color palette. The artists whose palettes I decided to emulate are Sam Nielson and Brandon Dorman. These two artists are among my favorites because of their amazing sense of color. In the middle are color ratios to show the amount of each color as compared to the whole. And, on the left is my rough color comp based on those color ratios. I've also included the sketch just for kicks. Enjoy!

Glowbug Desert Spread

     Here's the Desert Spread from my Glowbug book. It's been nice to not have to paint the jungle this time around! More to come....

November 15, 2011

Steampunk Wizard Update

     This project has been on the backburner for a while. I dusted this off yesterday and have been having a ton of fun. I have been learning the program Zbrush which is a 3D sculpting tool. It's a beast to say the least but I feel like i'm making progress. I've only really started sculpting his face, beard, gloves, hat, and pants. I'm excited to get to all the other little details! This is a screenshot from within zbrush. Enjoy

November 10, 2011

More Glowbug Stuff

     Here are another couple spreads for my Glow Bug book. If I ever plan on getting this published I probably shouldn't post the entire book on here :)  The first one is finished and the second one is a rough color comp. Enjoy!

November 9, 2011

More Color and Design 2 Stuff

     The first images are a warm light, cool shadow and a cool light, warmer shadow exercise. As part of the experience we were to take photo reference and use the colors and enhance the warm/cool aspects of them. I chose to take a photo of my beautiful wife Michelle. She's a great model and is always fun to paint. I've obviously exaggerated her proportions and stylized it a bit.

     The second group is a study on different types of contrast: Value, Saturation, and Hue or color. We were to take the same drawing and paint it 3 different ways based off of the above criteria. The first is an image based on saturation. The second focuses value. The 3rd wasn't intended to look good. It was mostly to force us to keep everything the same value but create shapes with only color. Enjoy!

November 6, 2011

What in the....

   They told Jim to keep the bags in a cool, dry place for a reason.....

November 1, 2011

Hobbes and Calvin

     Here's the finished version of my Calvin and Hobbes redesign. I had a ton of fun with this image. I'm still going to tweak a few things but they are minor. Enjoy!