November 19, 2011

Palettes Assignment (roughs)

     For my Color and Design II class we have an assignment to do an illustration three different ways based off of another artist's color palette. The artists whose palettes I decided to emulate are Sam Nielson and Brandon Dorman. These two artists are among my favorites because of their amazing sense of color. In the middle are color ratios to show the amount of each color as compared to the whole. And, on the left is my rough color comp based on those color ratios. I've also included the sketch just for kicks. Enjoy!


Shara Mills said...

Man! Good job getting so much done so fast. I'm excited to see them finished. Does the first one have a light source? It looks like there is on the duck for sure, and the wolf has a shadow, but the background is so intense and high value that it almost looks like the background is the light source. Have you considered making the wolf the yellow orange mass? Great progress on the assignment!