October 20, 2011

Hobbes and Calvin (round 2)

     So, based off of a very beneficial class critique, I decided to abandon the circus approach to my Hobbes and Calvin illustration. I was really in love with the idea of painting a circus scene, but in reality it didn't communicate the idea of Calvin and Hobbes very well. So, I started over...

     I went through a lot of ideas in my head and on paper about how I wanted to communicate the idea best. I thought Calvin's red wagon was a very iconic element of his character. And I know that Calvin is always pretending to be in different situations. What I am attempting to do is to show that Hobbes is pretending to be an astronaut, but also show the relationship between him and his stuffed Calvin. It's still very much a work in progress. But, I'm liking this direction a lot more than the circus one.

I've also included two color comps that I am trying to decide between. What do you guys think? I'm open for any ideas you may have.. Enjoy!