November 17, 2009

Hyrule Christmas Party

The assignment was "Santa". I have always been a fan of the Zelda Games series and I decided to do an illustration based on the main characters from the games. The idea is that Link and Ganondorf both showed up to the christmas party dressed as santa. I thought it would be a fun idea. I admit that it would probably be more interesting to those that actually know who these people are. But, I think it's fun either way. I'm still going to refine quite a bit, but you get the basic idea. And, i'm sure, after the in-class critique some things will probably change. Please comment!


The Gulls said...

this one is different. but it still looks awesome. we are going to miss you guys during thanksgiving.

sasitton said...

Yeah, well the teacher didn't like it a whole lot either. It helps if you know who the people are. But even then it was probably a bad idea from the beginning. I like the painting though :D. Nice thing is we have the entire thanksgiving break to complete these. So i'm starting over with a new idea. Hope this one goes better!