February 18, 2010

Cook Family Portrait

     For the most part this painting is finished. I will probably let it sit for a few days and see if I see anything that I don't like.  Please comment!


Ben and Kristen Call said...

Hey Stephen. It's Ben. You asked for comments. I don't know how you feel about revealing the unfinished project to Cheri but if you want some good advice, the best would probably come from the one's who will be most critical about themselves and the way they look in the picture. I bet if you told Cheri to just be very honest and that it wouldn't hurt your feelings, they could all look at it and let you know what they would like you to tweak. But that's only if you don't mind showing them before it's done and if you don't mind having to go back and make a few little changes. Anyway, it looks like it's gettin there bud! Have fun with it. Adios Amigo!

The Gulls said...

it looks good stephen. i would like to see the other pictures with the backgroung brighter. just to compare. i love the family picture though. of course it will never live up to mine. :) im still in love with my picture!!

Stephen Sitton said...

I've already emailed it to Cheri who's given me a list of things to correct. I told her just that, "be honest!" and she was. Which was great! Yeah I would never go without a client's approval even if it means having to spend another couple hours on it.