March 23, 2011

Into the Sunset

     I finished this painting about a week ago but I couldn't post it until today. It's a birthday present for my Dad and today is his birthday. My dad owns a small Piper Cub airplane and he's flown airplanes all his life so I thought this would be a fun gift for him. The background is my parents home in Arkansas. I've never painted planes before so I had a lot of fun painting this one. Comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

I love this! Makes me miss home. You did an awesome job!

Cams said...

The painting is so wonderful and awesome. I was just thinking what makes you think to stop giving this gift for him?
All dad really appreciates their child artwork. Others may just seem that they don;t like the gift but deep inside their heart they are overwhelmed of our gift to them.

Gobo Fongo said...

Technically he's flying away from the sunset ;)

It's amazing, and looks really good in their house.

VanityofVanities said...

I definitely love the background and the sky. Sunset is indeed a beauty to behold not just in reality but even on paintings like this.

Cathy@embroidery digitizing