September 29, 2011

Warm up Sketch

    I thought I'd warm up a little bit today before I started into my big projects. Enjoy!


Emma Dewar said...

Wow that is amazing! Hello I'm Emma just joined your site and following on blogspot. Hope you don't mind me asking but how long did it take you to reach the outstanding standard of illustration you are now currently doing? Reason why I ask is I am doing a Foundation Degree student studying in Illustration and Print Year 2 at Plymouth College of Art. Feel free to check out my blog and other links if you like. :)

Mike Laughead said...

Stephen, this warm up sketch is awesome. It feels very different from your more "finished" work. Why don't you have more mer-people in your finished illustration pieces? I would recommend doing some finished illustrations just for the heck of it. Whatever you feel like drawing and see how they turn out. Not of something that you think other people want to see, but just something that you feel like doing. Take a few hours and see what happens. I'm pretty sure your personal work will turn out even better than your school work.