November 30, 2012

BFA Show: The Wellspring

     For the past 2 semesters I have been working tirelessly on a project called the Wellspring. For my project I wanted to emulate the type of work that would normally be seen in the conceptual phase of a video game or animation production. This body of work, including the process work found in the book I will discuss, is intended to showcase my imagination and my ability to come up with unique characters, props, environments, and creatures.
    I have always been inspired by the type of artwork found in the “art of” books that accompany movies and video games. Through this project I set out to create my own “art of” book of sorts. I wanted to be able to showcase all of the development that goes into each aspect of the project, all the sketches and thumbnails, as well as the finished pieces.

    My book, “The Wellspring, a Visual Development Process” is a compilation of all of the work that went into the creation of each of the images shown below, plus a few others. In it you will find the story behind the project, many of my thoughts, impressions, and inspirations as the project went on, as well as descriptions of each step in the process.

    I feel that I have only been able to scratch the surface of this world that I have created but, I hope that through the work presented, I can inspire and leave you wanting more. As you take the time to look through my project, I hope that you are able to enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

If you wish to read a full description of each of these images and the process of how they came to be stay tuned for a post about the book, which will be for sale on


Mark V. McKenna said...

These are incredible Stephen! Congrats on the incredible show!

comnames said...

awesome. Great artistic show I saw inmy life. Good job. Our all team of software creation appreciated.