January 26, 2010


I found this rendering of an old 3D character that I designed back when I was in high school. It started out as a sketch from a sketchbook during my junior year. A friend of mine (Jeremy Leach) and I made a movie out of him as an assignment for an advertising design class. I decided to post this for old time's sake. Those were fun days. Enjoy!


Mark McKenna said...

Ha ha ha ha... That's a great movie. I feel really bad for the beezle guy. I bet that took a long time to make.

Stephen Sitton said...

Thanks! Yeah I owe most of it to my friend that helped me. I can take credit for the character design and the modeling and a little of the rigging. But most of it was him. It was a lot of fun to see an idea start as a sketch and make it this far.

Milena Medeiros(em blogs)ou ainda Negra Noite/Noite Negra. No profissional: Amelinha said...

bem legal.
Copiei o vídeo e posto agora no blog.
Se for possível, copiar o boneco, também farei a postagem. Espero que seja autorizado. Caso não for, avise-me para excluir.
obrigada, milena medeiros (Brasil)

Stephen Sitton said...

Like I mentioned on the flower painting, as long as you give me proper credit I don't mind if you show other people my images.

Jeremy Leach said...

hey i closed that youtube account beezle was on but if you want, i did re-upload it on my current youtube channel jmleach1987.