March 9, 2010


     I have received quite a few requests for prices on family or individual portraits. I am hesitant to set a definite price because I am negotiable. But here are some prices that will give those interested an idea of how much it will cost to get a portrait done. My prices are based off of the following: Size, and number of people. I charge a base fee for the size and then I charge $20 for every person beyond one. 

Here are the base prices for a few standard frame sizes:

11x14 ($200)          
16x20 ($220)
18x24 ($240)          
24x30 ($260)
24x36 ($280)
(Prices for sizes beyond 24x36 will vary. Contact me for more details)

     As I mentioned, the above listed prices are the "base prices" for the project if there were only one person in the painting. For every person beyond one it's $20 per person. For example for a painting size 18x24 here would be the prices for 1-4 people:

1 Person $240
2 People $260
3 People $280
4 People $300

     Please contact me if you have any questions regarding pricing.     

My contact information:
Stephen Sitton
phone: 479-387-5510