June 6, 2010

Canson Paper Drawing

     I thought that I would venture outside of my normal posts and show something non-digital. For one of my drawing classes we set up still lifes and drew them on canson paper with charcoal and white oil paint. My still life is deceptive though. I say still life because in reality I was drawing a mannequin head with a beanie and goggles on. But I guess it should be classified as a portrait instead. Oh well. I took this picture with my iPhone because I don't currently have a camera. So the quality is a little poor. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to use a certain red beanie from Ecuador for this sketch? Hmm?? Looks great!

Stephen Sitton said...

Why yes actually! I completely forgot for a minute there that you had given that to me. I was like, "Now how would you know that?!". But then I remembered that it first belonged to your head. Thanks for the comment!

zantales said...

looking good !!!

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