November 22, 2010

The Lighthouse of Alexandria (Color Comps)

     I have been working on some color comps for the book jacket cover. I have been playing around with a daytime and a nighttime version. The third comp plays off of trying to mix the daytime and the nighttime into the same image. They are still pretty rough at this point but i'm starting to like where the image is going. Comments Welcome.


Hannah said...

I like the third one the most.......however, The grass on the left doesn't fit with it. Hmmmmm....if you made the tower in the first one darker, then I think the first one would be my favorite. Orrr....if you made the transition (from night to day) in the third one a little smother, like make the clouds fade out like they do in the first one.
Also, it might be easier to choose one if you, or we, could see it with text.