April 14, 2011

Atop the Lighthouse (finished)

     I finished up the background. I'm happy with how this piece turned out. It's been a lot of fun to work on. Comments Welcome!

This might be the last piece that I post on here for a while. I'm starting an internship with Picture Plane Imaging in Texas and most of the stuff I will be working on this summer will be under a Non-Disclosure-Agreement so I can't post it here. And I'm also working on a picture book that I won't be finishing until June. So, don't expect posts very often over the next few months. Sorry guys.


haphazard yate said...

brilliant, really great to see the graduations you made to get to this piece :)

YBourykina said...

Welcome to Picture Plane! See you Monday :)


Luxembourg said...

Somebody did a great job here.

Rommel Peter Fernandes said...

It ended really well.
Honeymoon in Goa