April 1, 2011

Atop the Lighthouse (Re-drawn) EDIT 1

 ***Edit 1: I've gone back and adjusted a few things as per the comments i've received. I made more overlapping in the armpit area of the horses wing so that it helped the wing curve back into the body better. I've adjusted the pose of the soldier dude to where he's gripping the boy from underneath the arm instead of from above the arm. I've also made the soldier dude starting to climb out of the trap door instead of just standing there. Thanks for the great comments so far!


Hannah said...

I like this one a lot better, but I don't like the horse's wing. It's wing pit is awkward and I feel it's feathers are too small/short. I would suggest bringing his feathers in front of him, covering him a bit, like the top of his neck and shoulder.
Right now it looks kind of like this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oHrfR0fKNWM/TZa0W3JVDtI/AAAAAAAABXE/JqVkqjWkwDA/s1600/Screen%2Bshot%2B2011-04-01%2Bat%2B11.27.41%2BPM.png

And it would be awesome if it looked more like this:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CDe_goCJFrc/TZa0WgWW3kI/AAAAAAAABW8/o9mjp331mJc/s1600/Screen%2Bshot%2B2011-04-01%2Bat%2B11.29.11%2BPM.png

The tail is just barely touching the guy's leg and its drawing my attention. Also, the badguys arm on the trap door looks short, I might extend it and bend his arm. Also, the trap door is right on the edge of the format. I like the pose of the monkey, but i would make him look even more scared and like he's trying to hide. The horse's neck looks very thin, I'd beef him up a tad, though I don't know much about horse anatomy, so you might ask Kim.
I hope that is helpful.