May 1, 2010

Walk the Plank (continued)

         I have made some revisions to the first sketch based off of our in-class critiques. I've also included the second illustration in the series.  These are still in the color comp stage. The refined versions will come soon.


Gobo Fongo said...

Dude I'm tellin you, you've got to have sharks circling under the plank, water itself isn't nearly menacing enough. Which instills more fear huh, water? or water WITH SHARKS in it. I mean it's like trying to eat strawberry ice cream without any strawberries in it.

And if you really want to take it up a notch you'll put frickin laser beams on their heads.

The only thing scarier than that would be obama swimmin around down there with his healthcare.

Stephen Sitton said...

I agree with the sharks comment. The only reason I'm not including sharks in the first frame is because they are coming later in the story. You'll see. :) I'll have to think about the laser beams hehe.