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May 22, 2010

Zoo Animals Color Comps

    I'm still working out the sketches but on the side I've also been doing some color comps to get a feel for what the colors will be. The baboon sketch still needs some work but I think it's a definite improvement from the previous version.


Tim Fredriksson said...

Cool pictures! I like!

Anonymous said...

One day there were a bunch of lions laying around being lazy when all of the sudden on of the lions decided to lick the others tail. The lion started laughing and laughing. (Turn Page) Meanwhile the flamingos were being taught a life lesson by the grandfather flamingo (right side of picture) when the flamingos heard the lion laughing they started laughing also which pissed the grandfather flamingo off very very much. (Turn Page) So the grandfather flamingo decided that he would travel far away to antarctica to visit his polar bear friends. But when he got there they were all too busy being drunk and jumping into the freezing water. So he said to heck with them and left. (Turn Page) He decided to go visit his buddies the baboons, but when he got there they were too busy being jerks and scaring little children and being super goofy looking animals so the grandfather flamingo finally decided after all his unsuccessful traveling to throw himself in front of a speeding bus. He was then devoured by his own cousins the vultures and was never seen again.

The End.

Stephen Sitton said...

I was following the story until the random bus incident haha. Interesting, i'll give you that.

khung long said...

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