September 22, 2010

Baby Fur (Alex)

     This is my initial character design for a story called "Baby Fur" that I am working on for a narrative illustration class. My story is about Alex, a 2 year old boy who turns into a werewolf. I know because of the "twilight" series everyone is sick of hearing about werewolves/vampires but, I thought making him a baby would put an interesting twist on the story. Plus, I've never seen a story about a baby werewolf before. This illustration shows both sides of him. Most likely the character will change throughout the course of the semester but, this is my first shot. Comments welcome!


Axxon said...

Haha, this is a really good twist on an over-used concept. I'd like to hear more of the story :)

Gobo Fongo said...

if you're going for different, I think you should make the baby this evil little monster who's always breaking things and biting people, and then make the werewolf side of him all fluffy and friendly.