October 1, 2011

Jane of the Apes (Finished)

     Here's the finished version of my take on Jane and Tarzan. I still have a few days to let it sit and see if there are any changes that I want to make. I was going to wait until Monday to post this but I figured there was no point in waiting. I might make a few changes, but it's mostly done. Enjoy!

EDIT: I've revised this based on some feedback. Thanks for all the help to those of you that gave me feedback in class :)


Art by Randy said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOH NICE! This is much improved from the one you had before. I really like the way you've rendered it and I love that her foot is on his face! The pose looks much more believable. The only suggestions I would make are that jane's legs (particularly her right one) look a little short. Also, Tarzan's finger on his right hand seems a little short and is forming a tangent with the tree trunk. Other than that, I love it!