April 10, 2010

Blog of Note!

     Today I found out that I was nominated "Blog of Note". As of September of 2009 I started keeping a blog mainly for the purpose of having somewhere to post for a Digital Illustration class here at the university of BYU-Idaho. That blog evolved into my personal art blog and I've updated it every so often since then. I'm still new to blogging so, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I had NO idea about "Blog of Note". I feel honored that someone out there felt that my blog was adequate enough to be submitted. I don't know who to thank but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. As an artist I feel that I have barely scratched the surface of becoming what I need to be in order to be competitive in today's world. I have a long way to go. But, I am constantly learning and improving. I wish that there were more here for people to see. I feel like my blog is in it's infant stages. Well, I want to thank all those that took the time to look at my blog. And, I appreciate all the wonderful comments. I will dedicate myself to posting more often so that there is more to see for those that continue to visit. Thanks again!



Le said...

Hi, I came here because I saw that your blog is one of the most interesting blogs... so...I really thought that it's amazing.
I will follow...and put a link on my blog.

Tanya Cunningham said...

Following.. your work is amazing..

Jasmin said...

hey nice vlog myabe you take a look on mine :)http://my-berlin-fashion.blogspot.com/

m.g said...

please i need to submit my blog in blog of note

title: technology news

url :

ihope u accept it )


Stephen Sitton said...

I'm sorry but I have no influence on who's blog becomes blog of note. I'm not even sure how mine was chosen. From what I understand the people in charge of Blogger are the ones that decide. Sorry!

Good Luck.

Carol Casey said...

Your work is beautiful! Please follow this link to my blogs. I am going to be following blog because of the sheer beauty of your work

i'm jrockstars said...

hello, i know ur blog from blognotes

i hope we can make a friend. i'm from indonesia . do you know Indonesia?

i hope u can visit my blog

indiralarasputri.blogspot.com. thank you

Stephen Sitton said...

I visited your blog but alas I don't know the language. I apologize. It looks neat though. No i've never been to indonesia but i've heard of it. Thanks for stopping by.

Stephen Sitton said...

Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful comments. I try hard to make sure I at least give each person's blog a visit or two. I appreciate all of the support. Thanks!

JC said...

I actually found your blog through blog of note! Keep up the good work. Your artwork is great.

Duncan D. Horne said...

I too found your blog through blogs of note. Nice artwork. Check out my adventures in Malaysia


Anonymous said...

Thank for this great post, i like what you