April 16, 2010

Fairy Drawing

    I'm currently working on a few children's books and I can't post any of those illustrations until the entire books are done. So in an effort to post more often, I decided to submit a work "in progress" of a piece I'm doing just for fun. I thought it would be neat to see how it goes from the drawing stage to the finished painting. I always try to approach a piece with a solid drawing before I ever go and try to put color/value on it. Those that have only seen the top two entries in my blog might think that I only draw children but it just so happens that these two are next to each other. I just found a really cool reference picture of my wife's cousin and thought I'd make her into a fairy. Comments welcome!


Greg And Richele Cook said...

I love that you are doing this of Nicole. I think she is the cutest girl in the world, so of course she will be the cutest fairy in the world too! I am so excited to see the final product and am so excited you are using Nicole as a reference. It looks great so far.