April 21, 2010

Nicole the Fairy

     I would have had this up sooner but I have been busy the past week. If you remember the drawing I posted a while back; well, this is the "almost" finished version. You'll notice that I made a few minor changes to the composition. But for the most part I stuck to my original drawing. I still want to play around with it some more. The butterflies were a last minute thing and I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. I will let it sit a few days and come back to it. Comments welcome!


victoria ; ** said...

awsome ; ))

LC said...

I like it. But somehow, I was attached to the way the eyes were in the drawing, that friendly little fairy was interacting with me.

Have looked at earlier work, too. Your site is like having a personal gallery at my fingertips. So many favorites, but somehow, the conjurer is the one that keeps drawing me back most often. Thanks for posting.

The Gulls said...

I love the finished picture. It looks just like nicole. i think you captured her looks very well. It was fun to watch you work on it all last week. we miss you guys