May 19, 2010

What Zoo Animals do for Fun!

     So our next project in my Illustration class is the theme "happines/joy". After 5-6 pages of thumb-nailing out ideas I chose to illustrate the concept of what certain zoo animals do to keep happy and have fun. These are still rough and will most likely look very different when i'm done. I've recieved alot of critiques since I sketched these out so i'll update them soon. I just wanted to let you guys see what i'm working on. I haven't committed to anything yet so if any of you have any ideas to help inprove the concept, or composition please let me know!

This first concept is a fat lazy lion eating his steak. In the wild Lions have to hunt for their food. At the zoo they get free food and can lounge around all day! I will probably add more lions and lionesses catering to the king.

The second concept is Polar Bears that pass the time swimming and splashing onlookers. I wanted to have one of them in mid-air about to do a cannonball. I'm going to adjust the angle of his aproach and make him a lot more plump. I will probably fix the railings some.

I like the concept of this third one but the composition needs alot of work. The idea is that Baboons or Mandrils like to pass the time scaring little children. I'm going to re-do this one completely though.

Lastly, I have flamingos that pass the time seeing who can stand on one leg the longest. This one also needs some work. I am going to add more flamingos balancing on one leg; some in different stages of falling etc.

Comments PLEASE!


The Gulls said...

love the ideas. i cant wait to see what else you come up with.

Darin said...

The drafts look great! Very cool ideas. As one suggestion, I would consider having the polar bear's cannonball just starting to enter the water at the point where the splash is starting to form. It may make it a little more difficult to fully convey the splashing action as a the result of a cannonball, but could also allow for some great reaction shots of the spectators (both bear and human).

เกมส์ said...

Thanks for sharing!